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Racist Jokes

yo momma
Yo momma so old she had dinner with Jesus!
moby dick`s father
Who was Moby Dick`s father?
Poppa Boner
black boy bicycle
What do you call a little black boy with a bicycle?

women`s bellybuttons
Why do women have bellybuttons?

That`s where you put the tarter sauce.
why women have legs
Why do women have legs?

So they don`t leave snail tracks in the sand.
definition of a woman
What`s the definition of a woman?

Life-support system for a pussy.
between a preist and acne
What`s the difference between a Catholic Preist and acne?

Acne doesn`t cum on a boy`s face until he`s 13.
jewish dilemma
Definition of a jewish dilemma?

Free ham!
nigger + pig =
What do you get if you cross a nigger with a pig?

Nothing. A pig won`t fuck a nigger.
park bench
What`s the difference between a nigger and a park bench?

A park bench can support a family.