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Racist Jokes

ocean of niggers
racist jokes - ocean of niggers
What do you call 100 niggers on the bottom of the sea?
A good start.
black and yellow
racist jokes - black and yellow
What’s yellow and black and makes you laugh ?
A bus full of niggers going over a cliff.
nigger hitchhiker
What do you call a nigger hitchhiker?
niggers best hiding place
Where is the best place to hide a nigger’s food stamps?
Under his work boots.
computer missing
How can you tell when a black as been on your computer?
It is not there.
black pregnancy test
How does a black chick tell if she’s pregnant?
When she pulls the tampon out, all the cotton is already picked.
jetsons prediction
What’s the good part of there being no blacks on the Jetsons?
It means the future will be great!

More racist jokes down here...
hey leroy!
A black woman was filling out forms at the welfare office. Under “Number of children,” she wrote “10,” and where it said “List names of children,” she wrote “Leroy.” When she handed in the form, the woman behind the desk pointed out: “Now here where it says “List names of children,” you’re supposed to write the names of each one of your children.” “Dey all named Leroy,” said the black woman. “That’s very unusual. When you call them, how do they know which one you want?” asked the welfare worker. “Oh, den I uses the last names.”
the building
There is a 3 story apartment building with 1 apartment on each floor. A white family lives on the top floor. A mexican family lives on the second floor. A nigger family lives on the botom floor. At 2:00 PM in the afternoon a terrrible tornado hits the building, totally destroying it. Which family lived?
The White family, because both parents were at work and the kids were in school.
black spray paint
Why do blacks have white hands and feet?
They were on all fours when God spray painted them!
sharks and niggers
Why don’t sharks eat niggers?
They think its whale shit!
fathers day in harlem
What’s the most confusing day in Harlem?
Fathers Day!
black abortion
What do you call a black woman who gets an abortion?
A member of Crimestoppers of America.
whats long and black
What’s long and black?
The unemployment line
lesson in physics
A nigger and a spic fall from a tree, who hits the ground first?
The spic, the nigger never makes it because he’s stopped by the rope.
black spot in the snow
Why are niggers getting hit by cars more in winter on snowy days?
They are easier to spot
nigger school
Whats long and hard on a nigger?
First grade.
black sex
What do black men do after sex?
15 years to life.
Why do decent white folks shop at nigger yard sales?
To get all their stuff back.
its all about presentation
What’s the difference between a black and a white fairytale?
White begins, “once upon a time,” black begins, “y’all motherfuckers ain’t gonna believe dis shit!”
remember where you come from
Why do pill bottles have cotton buds in the top of them?
To remind niggers that they were cotton pickers before they were drug dealers.
leeroy surprise
Leeroy is talking to his parents about his problems:
“Mummy, whenever I try to play with the white boys and girls, they always call me a nigger – why is that?
“Well,” replies his mum, “that’s because you are black.”
“And mummy, why do the teachers shout at me and tell me to go away, but they are nice to the white boys and girls?”
“Well,” replies his mum, “that’s because you are black.”
Then Leroy grins and says “Well, whenever I’m in the shower with the white boys I notice that my penis is much bigger than their penises.”
“Well,” replies his mum, “that’s because you are 37.”
know your voters
How has Jesse Jackson lost the vote of most niggers?
He promised to create jobs for them if elected.
my chicken!
What’s black and white and goes rolling along the boardwalk?
A nigger and a pigeon fighting over a chicken wing!
harlem safe sex
How does a girl from Harlem practice safe sex?
She locks the car doors.
know your limits
What are the 3 things you cannot give a black guy?
A fat lip, a black eye, or a job.
classic pun
What do nigger pimps and farmers have in common?
They both need a hoe to stay in business!
classic pun2
What is the difference between Batman and a black man?
Batman can go into a convenience store without Robin.
holy nigger
What did the Alabama sherriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times?
Worst case of suicide he had ever seen.
black magic
Black magic…. It doesn’t work.
im progressive
I’m not racist, my shadow is black.
as if
I’ve got this black friend… just kidding.
every time!
Why is making toast like an interracial couple having a baby?
It’s annoying when it comes out black.
from the mainland
Black man walked into the bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender asks, “Where did you get it?” The parrot says, “Africa …”
its impossible
How do you know Adam and Eve were not black?
You ever try to take a rib from a nigger?
dont drink and sign
What did Abe Lincoln say after a 3 day drunk?
“I set WHO free?”
being literal
Someone just knocked on the door selling raffle tickets for poor black orphans.
I said “Fuck that, with my luck I’d probably win one”
What does FUBU stand for?
Farmers Used to Beat Us -OR- Farmers Used to Buy Us
Hear about G.M.’s new nigger Cadillac?
The glove compartment’s big enough to hold a watermelon.
happy ending
Did you hear that the KKK bought the movie rights to Roots?
They’re going to play it backwards so it has a happy ending.
another pun
What happens to black people after they die?
Nigger Mortis.
nigger clothes
What repulsive thing can be found in a nigger’s clothes?
The nigger.
A Liverpool docker went to South Africa for a job. The boss tells him: “Its people like you we want here. Here’s a test. There’s a revolver, go out and shoot 6 niggers and a rabbit.” The docker asks: “Why do I have to shoot the rabbit?” He got the job.
reverse racism
Racism is when you run over a nigger with your truck.
Reverse-racism is when you back up.
turkey chicken
Why don’t niggers celebrate Thanksgiving?
Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t open on holidays.
If Tarzan and Jane were black, what would Cheetah be?
The brains of the outfit.
location location location
Why are so many niggers moving to Detroit?
They heard there were no jobs there.
What does cotton have in common with noses?
Niggers are good at picking both.
Why do niggers always have sex on their minds?
Because of the pubic hair on their heads.
2 for 1
What happened when the nigger looked up his family tree?
A gorilla shit in his face
What do you call a nigger in a suit?
leroy origins
A teacher was giving a lesson and was telling the pupils that we came from Adam and Eve. A hand went up and the kid said, “But my dad told me that we come from apes, Miss?”
Miss replied, “Stay out of this one, Leroy!”
Morpheus and Neo are plugged in to the Matrix and having a chat.
Morpheus turns to Neo, “In this world you can be anything you want.”
There is a short silence.
Neo: “Then why are you a nigger?”
What did God say when he made the first nigger?
Oops! I burnt this one!
there goes the neighborhood
How are black people and tornadoes similar?
It only takes one to ruin a neighborhood.
ah houston we have a whitney
What did Whitney Houston and Apollo 13 have in common?
A major crack problem
liberty crack
Why do a lot of niggers go to visit the Liberty Bell?
They heard was was some crack in it.
we niggers today
A large cruise ship strikes an iceberg and slowly begins to sink. The captain declares he is going to need to remove some weight from the boat or it will surely sink. He says to be fair, and not discriminate, we will have to call out people in alphabetical order to jump off the ship. Everyone agrees this is the only fair way.
The captain then declares “All African Americans, jump overboard!”
A niglet tells his dad”Oh noes, dat be us”. His nigger dad says “No sons, dats not be quiet”
The captain comes back and says “unfortunately, we haven’t lost enough weight yet. I will have to ask all black people to jump overboard.”
The niglet tells his dad again”Oh noes, dat be us”. His nigger dad says “No sons, dats not be quiet”
The captain comes back and says “unfortunately, we still haven’t lost enough weight yet. I will have to ask all colored people to jump overboard.”
The niglet tells his dad again”Oh noes, dat be us”. His nigger dad says “I said shut up son, we be niggers today!”
which one
What’s the best way to keep a nigger confused?
Ask him what’s his daddy’s last name!
down hill
Whitney Houston’s life is like skiing.
Once you get on the white powder, it’s all down hill from there
black country
Why Do Blacks Hate Country?
Every time they here Ho-Down They think someone shot their sister
new orleans superdome
What do you call the New Orleans Superdome full of milk?
Cocoa Puffs.
million man march
What was the only thing missing from the million man march?
An auctionner
tv levitation
What do you say when you wake up in the middle of the night and your TVs floating in the air? Drop it nigger!
black only beach
What do you call an all-black beach?
A litter box.
niggers and pizza
Whats the difference between a nigger and a large pizza?
A pizza can feed a family of four.
family business
Whats faster then a nigger running with your TV?
His brother with the VCR.
4 black guys in a car
What do you call 4 black guys in a car?
Tinted windows.
once you go black
It’s true what they say about once you try black, you never go back.
I dated a black girl and now my family has disowned me.
niggers red eyes
Why do niggers have red eyes after sex?
Pepper spray.
jump a nigger
What’s the difference between a nigger and a bouncy castle?
You dont take your shoes off to jump on a nigger!
what do you call a nigger
What do you call a nigger with a regular job, who doesn’t drive a lowrider, sleeps in the same bed every night, doesn’t collect welfare, and doesn’t rape White women?
An inmate.
evolution mixed up
The black guy I was walking behind stopped, turned and asked “Are you following me?”
“No”, I said “You’ve got evolution all mixed up.”
run nigga nigga run
A 5 year old black boy walks up to a 5 year old white boy and says, “My daddy’s goy a car. When he honks the horn it goes ‘honkey honkey’”. Little white boy says, “shit, my daddys got a chain saw when he starts it up it goes ‘run nigga nigga run’”.
nigger and a pig
A nigger walks into a bar with a pig. The bar man shouts “Oy, you can’t bring that in here!”
To which the pig replies, “sorry man, it won’t happen again.”
nigger and bicycle
What do a nigger and a bicycle have in common?
They only work with a chain on.
Why are niggers’ teeth so white?
So you know where to aim your punch when you’re about to get mugged at night.
cross nigger and gorilla
What do you get when you cross a nigger and a gorilla?
A really stupid gorilla.
Have you heard scientists have bred a nigger with an octopus?
It’s an ugly fucker, but it sure can pick cotton.
nigger nervous
How do you make a nigger nervous?
Take it to an auction.
nigger support
What’s the diffrence between a park bench and a Nigger?
The Bench is the only thing that can support a family.
nigger and soda
What does a nigger have in common with a soda machine?
They both don’t work and always take your money.
niggers and aspirin
Why don’t niggers like asprin?
They’re white, they work and you have to pick cotten to find them.
problem solved
What do you call one black guy on moon?
A problem.
What do you call two black guys on the moon?
A problem
What do you call the entire race of black?
guys on the moon?
A problem solved.
nigger drowning
How do you stop a nigger from drowning?
You don’t.
nigger and wheelbarrow
Why was the wheelbarrow invented?
To teach niggers to walk on their hind legs.
cant get any darker
What did the sunbather shout at the nigger?
Ain’t you dark enough already?
missed opportunities
What’s a crying shame?
When a bus full of niggers drives off a cliff and there were 3 empty seats.
its faster too
Why are there trees in Harlem?
Public transportation.
at least he tried
Did you hear about Ku Klux Knieval?
He tried to jump 50 niggers with a steam roller.
who dat
What is the difference between a white owl and a black owl?
A white owl goes, “Who, who,” a black owl goes, “Who dat? Who dat?”
Sheniqua was excited about her upcoming birthday. She told her mother that uncle Leroy was going to take her to Florida for her birthday. Her mother asked Leroy if this was true. Leroy said “No. I told her when she turned seventeen I was goin to tampa with her.”
A nigger and a little white boy are debating on whether God is black or White. finally the little white boy says, “let’s ask God!”
The White boy looks to Heaven and asks, “God, are you black or white?”
God replies, “Well boys, I am what I am.”
The White boys exclaims, “well, that proves it, God is White!”
The nigger asks, “how do you know?”
The White boy replies, “if God was a nigger he woulda said ‘I iz what I iz!’”
you wont
A nigger goes into a library and says, “I…”
The librarian interrupts and says, “Fuck off, you won’t bring it back.”
barn full of dead niggers
What do you call a barn full of dead niggers?
Out dated farm equipment.
get down with it
How did a whole regiment of niggers die in WWII?
When their commander said “get down” they started dancing!
Why do monkeys always look so sad?
They know they’ll be black one day.
what do niggers say
3 kids in school one day.
The teacher asks them, “What do cows say?”
Amy replies “moo!”
Teacher then asks, “What do sheep say?”
Jack replies, “baa!”
Teacher then asks, “What do pigs say?”
Leroy says “Freeze motherfuckin’ nigger, what’s in the fuckin’ bag?”
run fast
Why do all black people run fast?
Because all the slow ones are in jail.
niggers funeral
Why are there only 2 pall bearers at a nigger’s funeral?
A garbage can only has two handles!
life is a box of chocolates
“Life is like a box of chocolates.”
Not all the black ones can be trusted.
how is a nigger like a broken gun
How is a nigger like a broken gun?
It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.
niggers in a steam room
What do you call 10 niggers in a steam room?
Gorillas In The Mist.
what they say
A black man takes a girl home from a nightclub.
She says “Show me it’s true what they say about black men”.
So he stabs her and takes her purse.
black person lying
How can you tell a black person is lying?
His lips are moving.
What does NAACP stand for?
Now Apes Are Called People
black people white hands
Why do black people have white hands?
Everyone has some good in them.
learn from past experiences
Why don’t niggers go on cruises?
They’re not falling for that one again.
nigger condition
“Still hung. Over.” replied the KKK member being asked about the condition of the nigger over his 2 way radio.
take a look
How dose every black joke start?
With someone looking around to see if their are any black people there
whos driving
A Mexican and a nigger are riding in car. Who’s driving?
A cop.
A white man walks into a bar and notices a black bartender.
“I’ll have a beer, nigger” says the white man.
“Hey there is no need for you talk to me like that. How would you like it if I talked like that to you?” says the black bartender.
“Why don’t we swap places and find out?” says the white man.
The white man and black bartender swap places.
The black bartender walks up to the white man who is now behind the bar and says “Hey you honkey, give me a fucking beer!”.
The white man replies back with “Sorry we don’t server niggers here!”
tried everything
I’ve always got on with my neighbors. That was until we had a black family move in next door. Suddenly everything changed. Doors were constantly being slammed, there was shouting and music was played at full blast into the small hours.
Despite trying all that, I still couldn’t get that damn black family to move out.
im not racist
I was on the bus the other day when a massive nigger came and sat next to me. I slowly started edging away from him and he said;
“What, you think I’m gonna steal from you, cos I’m black?”
“No, I think you’re going to steal from me because you have a fucking gun!”
we know who it wasnt
Did you hear about the guy that broke into the local library and stole hundreds of books? Nobody knows who he is yet, but police say, “it certainly wasn’t a nigger.”
niggers and bars
Why did the nigger walks into a bar?
The cell door was still locked.
its not that im racist
I wouldn’t dream of being racist towards my black neighbour…. I’d actually do it.
karate and judo
What’s the difference between karate and judo? Karate is a method of self defence and judo is what bagels are made of!
gas bill
Why did Hitler kill himself? The Jews sent him a gas bill!
jewish catch 22
Have you heard of the Jewish “Catch 22″? Free Ham!
jew and pizza
What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza? Pizzas don’t scream when they are put in the oven!
catholic wife and jewish wife
What’s the difference between a catholic wife and a Jewish wife? A catholic wife has real orgasms and fake jewellery!
jew and canoe
What’s the difference between a Jew and a canoe? A canoe tips!
santa claus and jew
What’s the difference between Santa Claus and a Jew? Santa Claus goes down the chimney.
jewish number
I asked a jewish girl for her number. She rolled up her sleeve.
jewish big nose
Why do Jews have such big noses? Because air is free!
jewish dinner
What do Jewish women make for dinner? Reservations!
he had a hat
One day a Jewish grandmother had taken her grandson to the beach for a play when suddenly a huge wave washed over the infant and pulled him out to sea. The distraught grandmother fell down on her knees, and sobbed, “Please God, don’t let my grandson die, please, he is my only grandson! He is the future of my family, please return him to me safely!” Instantly another huge wave rolls the infant back onto the beach and the grandmother looks up to the sky and said, “He had a hat!”
its a sale
How do you know when your on a Jewish golf course? The players don’t yell ‘FORE’ they yell ‘$3.99!’
jewish clown car
How do you get 100 jews into a car? Throw a quarter in it. How do you get them out again? Tell them Hilter is driving.
cross country
Whats a Mexicans favourite sport? Cross Country.
jewish homosexual
What language does a Jewish homo speak? Heblew What’s faster than a speeding bullet? A jew with a coupon.
safety in numbers
‘There is safety in numbers’ Unless there are 6,000,000 of you. And you are all Jews.
jewish synagogues
Why are Jewish synagogues round? So they cant hide in the corner when the collection box comes round!
jewish santa
Did you hear about the Jewish Santa Claus? He came down the chimney and said “Do you want to buy some presents kiddies?”
boy scouts and jews
What’s the difference between boy scouts and Jews? Boy scouts come back from their camps.
jewish finance
I just went to a Jewish furniture store as they were offering 0% finance for upto 10 years! “That’s great!” I said as I signed the contract. “When will it be delivered?” “When you’ve paid the balance” he smiled.
just making sure
I used to work for a Jewish carpenter. He used to check my fingers for splinters to make sure I wasn’t stealing.
free speech
There wouldn’t be any Jews in America if they hadn’t heard about the right of free speech.
it was funny at first
I went to a fancy dress party the other day dressed as Adolf Hitler. Everyone thought it was hilarious. Until they found three dead Jews in the shower.
jewish cannibals
Why don’t Jews eat pork? Jews may be a lot of things but cannibals they are not!
its deep too
Two Jews were sitting on a pier passing the time of day. The first Jew puts his feet in the water and cries, “It’s cold, it’s cold!” The second Jew puts his nose in and screams, “It’s fucking deep too!”
history channel
Hitler may have killed 6 million Jews, but he sure as fucking hell saved the History channel.
tight cunts
Why do pregnant Jews always go for Cesarian section? Because they`re tight cunts.
jewish insurance fraud
Two Jewish businessmen were discussing insurance. “You need fire insurance, burglary insurance and flood insurance.” “The fire and theft and burglary I can understand,” said the other, “but the flood insurance? How do you start a flood?”
shipping and handling
I can’t believe the judge said I was a particularly ruthless kidnapper and a disgrace to the Jewish community. All because I added shipping and handling charges to the ransom note.
mexican olympic
Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team? Because everyone who can run, jump, and swim has already crossed the border!
jesus and mexicans
What’s the difference between Jesus and Mexicans? Jesus doesn’t have Mexicans tattooed all over him.
not quite an essay
What do you call a little Mexican? A paragraph. Because he’s not quite an essay.
a texan
What do you call a Mexican who can swim? A Texan.
juan on juan
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball against each other? Juan on Juan. There was a 4 car crash in Mexico today. 243 people died.
unemployed mexican
What do you call a Mexican with a broken lawn mower? Unemployed.
mexican entry
How does a Mexican get into an honest business? Through the window.
mexicans job
How many Americans’ does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only Mexicans do that kind of job.
mexicans papers
What do books have that Mexicans don’t? Papers.
get out
A Mexican, an Irishman, and a black guy walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Get the fuck out of here!”
the most offensive jokes ever

The Most Offensive Jokes Ever

the amazing racist: driving school for asia

The Amazing Racist: Driving School for Asia

gift basket prank

RACIST? OR FUNNY? Gift Basket Prank” – Gabriel Iglesias

black jew
Why is it bad to be a black Jew? You have to sit in the back of the oven!
black joke 2
what do you call a nigger in a tree? A Branch Manager…
black joke
What do you call a 15 year old black girl? Pregnant
black people afraid eating chocolate
They are afraid to bite off their finger.
favorite day
What’s a Nazis favorite day? Ash Wednesday!
jewish joke
Whats the Diffrence between a Jew & A Pizza. The Pizza doesn’t Scream.
jewish jokes
What did Hitler get for his 6th birthday? A G.I. Jew and an easy bake oven!
jews fishing
How do jews fish? With an empty hook.
What do you call many white men chasing a black man? The KKK.
mexican joke
What is the most famous sport in Mexico? Cross Country.
Q:what do u call a Mexican riding a lawnmower A:promoted Q:what is the first thing that hits the wall on a Mexican A: his lawnmower So a Mexican says I’m gonna 5 star u, my answer Was u can’t even afford a five star
Why do black people have a hard time riding motercycles,? Because their lips beat them to death.!
nice black joke
how often does a black lady shit? every nine months.
nigger jokes
how many niggers does it take to shingle a roof? depends how thin you slice them!
nigger slick white guy
There was a nigger, a spick, and a white guy walking down the street and they find a vase, they each rub it and a genie comes out, the genie says to the spick.”What do you want?” The spick says, I wish all my Mexican brothers were in mexico, but happy. The genie asked the nigger, what do you want? The bigger says, I want all my black people back in africa, only happy, poof, all the niggers are in Africa, then he turned to the white guy… What do you want? The white guy says… Wait hold on… So your telling me all the niggers a spicks are out of america?? The genie says… Yeah. The white guy says… Oh… Well in that case… I guess I’ll just have a coke.
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