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Racist Jokes

Why wasn't Hitler invited to the picnic? He burnt all the Franks.
hide and 3
I work @ a prison on night shift....

Inmate comes running up to the cell bars as I'm walking by and says "Hey C.O.!! Do you want to play a game??

My response " Ya! How bout you hit the lights, lay down, cover up, and play hide and go fuck yourself to sleep!
hitler jokes
A boy is studying for his test on World War 2 at home. The boy can't figure one thing out. He asks his mom, "Mom, what did Hitler do wrong again?"
His German mom replies, "Hitler did nothing wrong son."
power rangers joke
A boy comes up to his mom after watching a power rangers movie. He asks his mom, "What is so bad about the power rangers , Mom?"
The mom looks at her son, "Why nothing boy, what could possibly be wrong with the power rangers."
Later that day the boy starts shouting, "GO GO WHITE POWER RANGERS!!!!"
nigger jokes6
A white man is in the forest down south. He is hunting for wild animals or niggers. Suddenly he sees a wild beast, it's a nigger. The white man takes out his whip and yells, GET BACK TO THE PLANTATION NIGGER!!!
jew joke12
What is the difference between a Jew and a piece of pizza?

One doesn't scream when it's in the oven.
black joke12
What is the difference between a wild animal and a nigger?

jews and gingers
What is the difference between a Jew and a Ginger?

NOTHING!! Burn them all!!
mexican olympics
Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympics team?

A: Because everyone that can run jump and swim is already in America.
anne frank4
I have been hearing a lot of Jew jokes lately, Anne Frankly, I don't like it
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