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jew jokes

Why wasn't Hitler invited to the picnic? He burnt all the Franks.
jew joke12
What is the difference between a Jew and a piece of pizza?

One doesn't scream when it's in the oven.
anne frank4
I have been hearing a lot of Jew jokes lately, Anne Frankly, I don't like it
I once went to a cynagog, it was musty crusty smelled of poverty and zion. This isnt a joke. It is a fact.
jews lottery
A Jewish man has just won the lottery and invites his family to a dinner. He then stands up to thank everyone. "First I must thank my beautiful wife for her help and support, then I want to thank my children, and the lottery commission." "Then I would like to thank Adolf Hitler". Suddenly everyone was silent as he showed some numbers tatooed on his forearm and said, "For the winning numbers!"
jew joke11
Did I tell u about my Jewish girlfriend?

Her name is Penny
What's the worst part of the Holocaust?

A:it didn't finish
getting numbers
How do you get a Jewish girls number?

A:look at her arm
harry potter and the jew
What is the differance between a Jew and harry potter?

A:harry potter made it out of the chambers
What do you call a retarded Jew?

A: Auschwistic
jew and a boyscout
Q:How are jews and boy scouts different?
A: Boy scouts come home from camp

Whats the difference between a Jew and Santa

Santa goes down the chimney
how was it
Q: How was the Holocaust

A: Pretty Jewful!
jupiter or jewpiter
We should change the name of Jupiter to Jewpiter because it's a gas planet
stingy jews
Why do Jews get double glazed Windows?

So their children can't hear the ice cream truck
hitlers death
How did hitler die he got the gas bill
what did hitlar get his daughter for a bday gift an easy bake oven
hitler's favourite drink
Q:Whats Adolf Hitler's favourite drink?

A:Mountain Jew
whats the difference between harry potter and the Jews.

harry escaped the chambers.
when it gets cold
Q: What are you supposed to do when a Jew gets cold?

A: put him in the oven
the grand canyon
How was the Grand Canyon made?

A jew dropped penny in a small hole
copper wire3
How was copper wire invented?

2 jews fought over a penny
How do you fit 30 jews in a car?
2 in the front,
2 in the back,
26 in the ashtray
jews'n chambers
Q:How does Jews escape gas chambers?
A:Trought the chimney into thin air.
jews again
Q:Why Jews have big noses?
A:Because the air is free.
Q: What's the difference between slaves and the Jews?

A: The Jews still got to shower.
What did Hitler say to the Jew

Get in the back of the damn oven
money and jews
Q:What's the difference between 6 million dollars and 6 million Jews?

A:I would care if I lost 6 million dollars
black and jewish
What's the worst part of being black and Jewish?

you have to sit in the back of the gas chamber
harry potter and a jew
Q: whats the difference between harry potter and a jew?

A: harry potter made it out of the chambers alive
What's the difference between a Jew and a Boy Scout?

Boy Scouts come home from camp.
who cares
Q: What's the difference between Jews and Money

A: People care about money
the chamber
Q: What's the difference between a Jew and a bullet?
A: the bullet actually leaves the chamber live.
Get it beacuse the bullet is live ammunition
jewish joke4
Q: How do you pick up a Jewish girl?
A: With an ash tray
hitlers daughter
One day Hitler's daughter walked up to him. She was feeling kind of thirsty, So she asked Hitler if there was any Juice. Hitler says " Yea there's Juice" So his daughter checks the Refrigerator, She couldn't find any in there. Then she asked "Well Dad where's the Juice?" Then Hitler said " Damn I Forgot I left it in the oven!"
I would tell you my jew joke, but it was too cheap
pizza oven
Q: Whats the difference between a jew and a pizza?

A: One screams in the oven.
healthy hitler
Q:What did Hitler drink to keep him healthy?
A:Apple jews
black jew7
What do you call a black Jew....

A: A survivor
hurlers life
why could hitler not pay the gas bill it kept rising
a jewish joke
I would tell u a Jewish joke....
But I'm Pretty sure you heard it about 6 Million Times!
Q: whats the difference between Iceman and a Jew

A: About 450°F
jews in car
How do you fit 10 Jews in 1 car.

Two in the front

Two in the middle

Six in the ash trey

Q: What's the difference between Iceman and a Jew

A: Apparently Everything...
jews and basketball
Q: what do you call a Jew that loses at basketball

A: holocrossed
hitler's greatest invention
What was Hitler's greatest invention?
The Easy Bake Oven.
hitler and phelps
Q: what's the diffrence between hitler and michael phelps?

A:phelps can finish of a race.
hitler lunch
Q: What does Hitler eat for lunch?
A: German Fried Jews! (GFJ)
the flying jew
Q: What do you call a flying Jew?

A: smoke
harry potter and jews1
What is the difference between HARRY POTTER and a JEW?

jews in a light bulb
Q: How many Jews does it take to screw in a light bulb

A: None, Their Just Ashes...
hitler to go
Q What would happen if Hitler owned KFC

A it would be named Kentucky Fried Jews
What was the saddest thing about the halocaust?

It wasn't finished
jew oven
Q: What do u get when you put a Jew in the oven
A: Cremated Ashes..
A Nice Seasoning that you can use on your bagel
the attic
Q: What do u find in your Attic

A: Anne Frank
black jews
A black jewish boy comes home from school
Daddy am i more black or more jewish the boy said
Dad: why do want to know son
Theres a boy at selling a bike at school for 50$ and i want to if i should talk him diwn to 40 or just steal it
jew favorite place
Q: What's a Jews Favorite place to go
A: The Crematorium
What's a Jews least favorite part of a scary movie?

The shower scene.
the gas bill
Q:How does Hitler freak people out

A: He gives them the Gas Bill
jew joke10
Q: What do u call Jews fighting over a cart

A: a 50% Discount
anne frank's diary
Q - Why didn't Anne Frank finish her diary?
A - She needed more concentration
the piggy bank
Q: What's the best thing about having a Nazi around you?

A: The Piggy bank gets saved
jew joke9
What's the difference between a jew and gordon ramsay

A: gordon ramsay can take the heat
jew black joke
Q: What's the difference between a black guy and a Jew

A: A Black guy can Escape when Things Get Heated!
best jew joke i've ever heard
How do you get a Jewish Girl's number?

Lift up her sleeve.
black jews1
Q:Why do black jews life suck?

A: because they got 2 people looking for them
harry potter and jews
What is the difference between Harry Potter and Jews?

Harry Potter actually made it out of the chamber.
chicken and fried stew
Q: What did Hitler make for dinner
A: Chicken and Fried Jew!
jews in a car1
Q- how many jews can I fit into my car?
A- 2 in the front, 3 in the back, and 6 raytmillion on the ash tray
black jew4
Q- what do you get when you mix a black person with a Jew?
A- a black man who's actually intelligent.
Or- a Jew who can actually run when he sees trouble.
mexican jew
Q-what do you get when you mix a Mexican and a Jew?
A- you get a Jew that has to clean up the gas chamber after all the other jews are dead.
candy box
Q: What do u call Jews in a candy box
A: Jew Jew Bees!
Q: what can you notice at a Jewish barbecue? A: the smell of burning flesh
how do you know hitler is talking to you
Because He Does Nazi Anyone Else But you!
how do jews celebrate christmas
They leave a 50 cent parking meter on the roof
the biil
Q: Why did the German Economy lie in shambles after World War II?

A: They had to pay the gas bill.
israel war
Q: How do you start the Israel Civil War?
A: Drop a $5 bill.
Where do back Jews come from

The oven
How was the Copper wire invented?
Two jews fighting over a Penny.
dead bodies
People say dead bodies don't move. But if your a Jew, your body moves from the chamber to the oven and into the sky
What do a hard nipple and jews have in common.
They go down in hot showers
why don't jews like oral sex
It's too close to the gas chamber.
What is the difference between Santa and a Jew?

Santa goes down the chimney.
A Jew walks up to hitlers grave with a Christian.
The Jew then spits on hitlers grave
The Christian said "why did you spit on him?
The Jew said" he killed half of my religion"
The Christian then spits on the grave
The Jew said"why did you spit?"
The Christian said " because he didn't finish the job"
Whats a Jews favorite day of the week?

gas bill3
Q: why did Hitler kill himself?
A: he got the gas bill
Q: what's the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew?

A:Boy Scouts come home from camp.
what did anne frank say to the german
Anne: I need some more concentration

German: I Did Nazi That Coming
What is the diffrance between harry potter and jews?

Harry potter made it out if the chamber
daughters birthday
What did Adolf Hitler give his 6 year old daughter for her birthday?

-An easy bake oven
What is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps can finish a race.
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