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jew jokes

dont compliment a jew
Don't compliment a Jew because they'll get gassed. (British people understand)
playing pokemon go
racist jokes - playing pokemon go
This is the Pokemon I'm looking for!
jewish ghosts1
What language do Jewish ghosts speak?
hitler meets a jew
Hitler walked past a Jew looking in an ashtray he said"looking for someone"
uber creepy
racist jokes - uber creepy
How do u get 5 million jews into one car?
Toss bank-loads of money inside.

To get them out?
Tell them Heinrich Himmler & Reinhard Heydrich are the Uber drivers!
get in the car!
How many Jews can fit in a car?
Two in the front three in the back and 600 in the ashtray
jew on april 20th
What's the worse thing about being a Jew on April 20th?
Anything. Neo-Nazis are gonna get u no matter what happens.
not a joke: i saw this shit on fastwebcom!!!!
The Julius Henri Marx Scholarship named after Groucho Marx, is not only for Jewish students pursuing a career in theatrical-arts, but for high school class clowns too! Lots of my friends need this for the debt and loans, especially the frat boys and sorority sluts.
ingrid bergman & max
racist jokes - ingrid bergman & max
I would LOVE to have had sex with her, but we Japanese dudes are "too short" literally.
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