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mexican jokes

cross country
Whats a Mexicans favourite sport? Cross Country.
get out
A Mexican, an Irishman, and a black guy walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Get the fuck out of here!”
a texan
What do you call a Mexican who can swim? A Texan.
juan on juan
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball against each other? Juan on Juan. There was a 4 car crash in Mexico today. 243 people died.
white mexican black joke
Q:what do u call a load of white people running down a hill
Q:what do u call a load of Mexicans running down a hill
A:mud slide
Q:what do u call a load of black people running down a hill
A: prison break
mexicans job
How many Americans’ does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only Mexicans do that kind of job.
mexican joke
What is the most famous sport in Mexico? Cross Country.
mexican olympic
Why doesn’t Mexico have an Olympic team? Because everyone who can run, jump, and swim has already crossed the border!
jesus and mexicans
What’s the difference between Jesus and Mexicans? Jesus doesn’t have Mexicans tattooed all over him.
mexicans papers
What do books have that Mexicans don’t? Papers.
road crossing
Why did the Mexican cross the road? To catch the chicken.
unemployed mexican
What do you call a Mexican with a broken lawn mower? Unemployed.
Q:what do u call a Mexican riding a lawnmower A:promoted Q:what is the first thing that hits the wall on a Mexican A: his lawnmower So a Mexican says I’m gonna 5 star u, my answer Was u can’t even afford a five star
not quite an essay
What do you call a little Mexican? A paragraph. Because he’s not quite an essay.
mexican entry
How does a Mexican get into an honest business? Through the window.
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